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Software standardization

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Each service currently purchases various pieces of software to accomplish their jobs, unfortunately they do this with tunnel-vision rather than reviewing the already approved software across all agencies. What happens is that the Army will purchase one type of software (for example) to digitally sign documents, the Air Force will use something else, the Navy something else also. Each piece of software requires accreditation, maintenance, upgrades, licensing, etc. Rather than doing this, require the services to look across ALL services for software providing the functionality needed and justify why they can't use what is already approved. Instead of looking at "name brand" look at functionality needed and justify why TMT isn't a solution for tasker management across all the services, rather than purchasing or designing something new and paying for it. Agencies need to stop designing or purchasing software in a bubble because software doesn’t always play nicely with other version or other types of software reducing our “joint” capabilities and making collaboration very difficult. Requiring agencies to purchase already approved software by functionality would also reduce the amount of accreditations in process and the pieces of software that must go through this process which is time consuming and very expensive.

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