Department of Veterans Affairs

Software for More efficient C&P claims processing

1. C&P claims usually require more than one provider appointment. Most of these could be scheduled the day the 2507 is received. All the 2507's that come in one day would be scheduled in the order in which they could be completed the fastest. For example, if a VA is short-handed in psychology, then a patient who needs a psychology exam would not need all of his appointments scheduled ASAP, but rather closer to his psychology appointment. Other patients that could be completely finished this week could be scheduled ASAP. Of course, the date that starts the finish-the-exam-in-30-days clock would be in the software to give the oldest exams the appropriate priority they should have.

2. Software could also determine the complexity of the exam and the amount of time that needs to be scheduled for each provider/exam. If a few complex, lengthy exams are scheduled close together- to the same provider, it can slow down a provider and delay the release of the providers other C&P exams.

3. If the patient has numerous future appointments, the software could guide the provider as to which exams he can finish and release. Rather than spending numerous hours to finish an exam that cannot be released because the Veteran has another C&P appointment in the future, the provider can finish two or three smaller ones that could be released today.

4. Most of this information is available, but it wastes precious time when it could be done by software.

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