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Software as a service and centralized license management

The government should look into the cost savings of utilizing software as a service (SaaS) and volume licensing for software used governemnt wide. The amount of duplicative effort and resources consumed is ridiculous. In regards to SaaS, the quantity of licenses required would be less, because you don't have a full workforce everyday. furthermore, a there are a lot of users that don't use every application on their computer that requires a license. For license management, our office had to purchase new licenses for Adobe Acrobat Pro after a tech refresh. The software was on the old computers, but the group responsible for maintaining the license forced us to purchase new licenses. Since the old computers were decommisioned, the licenses would have been valid on the new computers. Which brings me to another point, often times the product or service purchased far exceeds what is required. Our Adobe Pro licenses could have been Adobe Standard.



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