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Social Security Reform

Billions and Billions saved. I work for the IRS and most employees come in under a FERS retirement system which assist them at retirement providing they input to it during the working years. Fers employees pay into and retire on social security.


Under FERS employees are eligible to put funds into a Thrift Savings Plan. Her employees can put there payperiod savings into the G fund, C fund and several others. Some of these funds are risky but generally pay higher premiums. There is a new savings method available through Insurance Companies called the FIA. In this fund there are peaks to the savings and there are evens there are no LOSSES. If something like this were available to Social Security users or if Social Security were set up this same way the funds would be protected yet users (the PUBLIC) could add to their Social Security accounts substantial amounts for retirement. While Social Security would still be available for those already on it new money and that currently in the Social Security system could be making much higher safe benefits that would make it finanancially stable. Loans made to the GOV from Social Security should be made pay the same interest with a penalty for not starting the repayments timely just like people would be charged from outstanding debts with financial institutes.



Idea No. 3556