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Department of the Treasury

Social Security Reform

You know what you have to do to ensure Social Security will be able to continue.


First, STOP borrowing from it!


Second, make all wages subject to social security tax. I pay social security tax on all my income. Why shouldn't Bill Gates, or our senators, or even the President have to? Just because you're wealthy doesn't mean you should just be able to pay this tax on a small portion of your income.


Third, increase the percentages. I would not mind paying more into Social Security if I knew it would be available when I retire, but I feel it is unfair to force me to pay into something that will run out of money the first year I am eligible to receive benefits. So really I am paying for everybody else and getting nothing in return. If it really is true they will run out of money, then we should be allowed to be that money into a different retirement plan.


Be brave. Make the changes you know need to be made but won't because you are scared of ticking off American's seniors who, gasp! Might not vote for you!


And as a sidenote, quit picking on Federal employees. If you all weren't too scared to make the hard choices, WE wouldn't have to foot the bill for all of America. WE wouldn't be facing having our pensions lowered but our contributions increased. WE wouldn't be facing having to pay more into our health care premiums while being under a pay freeze an if you have your way, a freeze on Step increases and bonuses. I work VERY hard, contrary to public opinion who seems to think we are all lazy. I more than EARN the small bonus I get each year, which I put back in the economy by buying birthday & Christmas presents for my son.


Why don't you all come & do my job for a week? Why don't you see what it's like to be screamed at on the phone by taxpayers who are mad about laws YOU passed and WE just enforce. Why don't you have to actually pay for things, like pensions, etc? What makes you so special? I probably get more done in one day than you do because I don't argue.



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