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With the amount of grants and loans the government gives to students we could stucture it better to pay for more individuals to complete college with less debt and a better outcome after graduation. Currently we are giving students loans and grants over and above their college cost. We should be paying directly to the school only for the amount of tuition, books, fees, and necessary materials. Currently we give students grants in loans that are over and above these cost and allow the student to have the remaining. As a witness I have seen many times where the excess money is spent on a shopping spree. If we took that extra money and put it into the next student we could pay for double the number of students to get an education, elimate the age of 24 for requiring parent help, lower the amount of debt to each individual, and most importantly have a better success rate in repayment of the loans. Thus saving tons of money and ensuring the United States a competitive market for employees. Not to mention better educated decisions for United States of America.

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