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Smart electric grid fed by solar/wind cells for elect vehicles

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We need to build smart grids for our future use. A smart gird is one or more points where a wind or solar powered charging station is located for electric vehicle charging. An example would be a federal building parking structure for government vehicles. We could install solar panel arrays or wind turbines to harness the electricity to fuel government electric hybrid fleet vehicles.


The charging stations could charge the government vehicles over night when the cars are not in use. During the day the government could sell the electricity harnessed by the solar cells back to the electric company. This would reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our fuel costs, stimulate the economy by building the infrastructure and demonstrate the governments willingness to go green.


Savings: electric cars cost any where from $0.02 (night charge times) per KW/mile to $0.16 (day charge times) per KW/mile to operate while gas costs are $0.25 and above per mile. Cost in fuel and maint for vehicle fleet nation wide is HUGE! This is a no brainer. Let''s go green and set up the infrastructure for our electric vehicle fleet before the electric hybrid government cars arrive.

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