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Skill Database for Agencies

My idea is to create an Government skill and/or Project database for use for internal agencey projects.


What problem are you trying to solve?

At any given moment each agency has over a hundred individual internal projects going on. To get these completed in most cases offices solely use talent within their office. I propose that we create either a talent pool database that associates skills with each divisions employee that chooses to volunteer that information. Once skills are identified, offices developing new projects can go to that list to determine if anyone outside of their group possess the skills they deem necessary for their project. At that point they would work both the employee as well as their employing office on the ability to use that person’s skill set on a temporary bases. This would be done outside of the detailing process, since the employee would still be required to complete most or all of their usual workload. (Visa versa another option is to have offices post their projects and have employees apply to be put on a project.)


How difficult would it be?

This would not be difficult at all since this would be completely voluntary. Both the employee and their office would have the ability to negate the employee being put on any new project.


How involved will the employee be?

The employee could do as little as answer questions/consult, to as much as taking on the project themselves. It all depends on what the employee, their office and the branch with the project agree on.


Cost? $0


What are the benefits for Employees?

1) Employees can utilize all their skills, not just the ones associated with their current position.

2) It would offer variety to employees that have monotonous jobs.

3) Their abilities and work product and can be taken into consideration if a position in an office they have volunteered in becomes available.

4) Boost Moral


What are the benefits for management?

1) Possibly getting more production out of our current employees.



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