Telecommunications Development Fund

Single Federal Internet Service Provider

Eliminate the costs each agency spends to run internet web sites. Create a single federal “Internet Service Provider” where all agencies have accounts at this one location. This would greatly reduced costs compared to now where each agency individually buys the same equipment, software and services. As another advantage, agency developed applications are available to all agencies as shared add-ons.


Currently each Federal agency runs its own internet web sites. This requires that each agency to individually purchase the same equipment, software and services. I am proposing that we create a single Federal “Internet Service Provider” so that each agency will have all its internet accounts/web sites at this one location.


This idea would save the Federal government money by allowing the agencies to share all these items rather than purchasing them individually. It would reduce the amount each agency would be required to spend on their equipment, software and services. Additionally, any agency that developed its own applications will be able to make them available to all other agencies as shared add-ons. It would also allow a possible forum for collaboration between employees from different agencies who are essential working on the same or similar projects. This will reduce the cost of person-hours spent duplicating what are essentially the same or similar applications



Idea No. 3891