Department of Homeland Security

Simplify the I-213 (I-861) writing process for ICE/CBP agents

I am a student volunteer at one of the Offices of the Principal Legal Advisor for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. My primary duty this summer has been to approve Notices To Appear (NTAs) as "legally sufficient" and then send them to Immigration Court. In order to approve the NTA, the information in the I-213 needs to match up.


As I've browsed over all these I-213s, I've noticed that the writing style and layout of the writing section (Encounter, Disposition, etc.) varies from agent to agent and even more from office to office. However, they are all saying basically the same things except for a few details.


I suggest creating some sort of form where officers basically just have to fill in the blank in certain areas. If that is unrealistic, then create some sort of set-in-stone format that every ICE/CBP agent in the whole country has to follow.


This will make the jobs of the ICE/CBP agents easier, and allow them to move on to their next case faster. It will also make it easier to approve NTAs as "legally sufficent". This will prevent backlogging at the OPLA office and make criminal aliens have their court date sooner rather than later. I would also assume that more consistent I-213 formats would pose less problems for the OPLA trial attorneys in court.



Idea No. 13622