Department of the Treasury

Simplify tax returns

Currently, the tax system has God knows how many tax laws and tax forms. And only lawyers and CPA's can understand what those laws and forms are. Get rid of ALL the "Different" forms that contain basically the same information and consolidate them into one form... there's no need for multiple forms, just simplify one form to include everything "Are you a corporation?" "Do you pay a mortgage?" etc. Use PLAIN LANGUAGE!!!! We're a country of intelligent, educated, Americans, but we're NOT all lawyers and CPA's. Don't write the laws and forms so that only 1% of the nation can understand it. Simplifying the tax codes and forms will allow the average American, whether they have a small business or have investments, or are just your day to day 9-5er. Here, I'll get you started - How much did you earn per year from your job? How much did you earn from investments? How much did you invest? Total gains/losses?


Also, since the W-2 and other forms are all electronic and fairly automated once our employers enter the information, why do I have to report it to the IRS? They should have a copy of it!!! It's electronic, make these forms web-based and auto-populated with the information that you have. Filers can then go into the system and update it as needed and can make corrections as needed. There's no need to keep filing paper returns (for everyone) AND force the duplicative efforts of employers, employees, AND the IRS by requiring each of them to re-complete the inundation of forms!! What I'm suggesting is so common sense that I'm sure the Fed will NEVER do it.



Idea No. 4071