Department of the Interior

Simplify Time and Attendance

Every Department has different rules and different systems for doing time and attendance. When I was with DoA my time sheet was simple, If I worked over 80 that was comp/overtime, and the software kept track. With the DoI I have to enter time into a excel spreadsheet and a software program, and do all the math myself being careful not violate any of the rules. I am on Maxiflex and travel a lot for my job. If I work before 6a that has to be calculated as travel comptime, if I work later than 6p that too has to be travel comp. If I work to 8p tonight I must show up for "core" hours tomorrow by 9a or need to clock that as leave. It is very accountable and that is probably good. but it takes me and hour plus every two weeks to code and account for my time, and that is wasteful. I imagine more time is wasted than savings by insuring that I coded my travel comp, as travel comp and not as regular comp. In addition I have to track my hours separetly from the software as the software only informs me if something is wrong but does not tally my daily imputs, I can do, but the DoA system was much more user friendly.



Idea No. 1777