Department of the Interior

Simplified Acquisitions through IDIQ

One of the most frustrating parts of working for the government has been that when you find a good contractor who performs well you can't hire him back without going through a terribly expensive acquisition process and half the time you still don't get the contractor. Also you can’t get work done because the acquisition process is so slow and cumbersome. And lastly nothing is more frustrating than spending over a third of the budget on curtain projects just to get the acquisition out the door.


Therefore I propose that all government contracts have a simple clause that upon agreement from both the government and the contractor the contract can be extended as an IDIQ. This would allow the agency to bring the contractor back for similar work with little acquisition costs. I believe this could also extend to other agencies in the area by listing the active IDIQ contracts. An agency could view and see that Fish and wildlife had a contractor do similar work the year before call and see if they did a good job and if so can negotiate a contract with the company through an IDIQ, thereby saving thousands on the contracting process and tons of time. How many times do we lose good work or let deadlines slip because we can’t acquire the contractors in time?

It would also improve the contractors we get in several ways.

1. Government contracts would be more sought after knowing that they could be attached to additional work. Therefore we would have more bids and more competitive bids.

2. The contractor would have greater incentive to perform well knowing his performance is tied to whether or not that agency or other agencies extend the contract through use of the IDIQ clause.

Each contract that was acquired using this method would save thousands. It is simple and could be done at no costs to the government.



Idea No. 12758