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Simple, Efficient, and Effective Government Acquisitions.

Nearly all federal agencies perform acquisitions in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other all-inclusive policies. Despite this, agencies, and even divisions within agencies, have disparate acquisition systems, practices, procedures, and templates. Seen from the perspective of a young front-line acquisition worker, the apparent inefficiencies are staggering. Workers must learn to interface with about a dozen, often quirky, systems and sites. Also, much of our time is spent doing data entry, most of it redundant, into all the systems, sites, spreadsheets, and templates, or in training learning and relearning how to do it all.


Perhaps a blue-ribbon panel should be put together under the Office of Federal Procurement Policy to develop one robust user-friendly platform, along with homogenous practices, procedures, and templates to the maximum extent practicable. This could potentially save the government billions, not just directly because of redundancy, efficiency, and quality improvements, but also because the acquisition workforce could focus more on acquisition strategy and less on bureaucratic tedium. More indirectly, the government could see, among the vast acquisition workforce, increased job satisfaction, less turnover, lower training costs, reduced time span to employee full-performance, and a reduction in the size of the workforce needed to accomplish acquisition functions (through attrition of course). This is not to mention all the benefits to program missions that would stem from a more user-friendly, faster, and effective acquisition process.

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