Department of Defense

Shutdown DOD Business Transformation Agency (BTA)

Deputy Secretary of Defense, Gordon England directed the establishment of the Defense Business Transformation Agency (BTA) in a memorandum effective October 7, 2005. The BTA announced its organizational structure February 3, 2006. Mr. David M. Fisher was named Director of the BTA on February 22, 2007. Mr. Fisher reports to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Business Transformation (AT&L). The BTA is staffed by approximately 350 personnel, which includes high paid government and contract staff and is headquartered in Arlington, VA. This BTA organization and its Business Enterprise Architechure (BEA) business process standardization vision for the DOD is delusional. Each DOD agency has its own internal business processes that are working just fine. Any inside the beltway upper level management initiative to centrally micromanage how each DOD agency operates will have no measurable Return On Investment (ROI) and in the end with no defined products, goals or objectives will be a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Recommend total shutdown of the BTA as soon as possible. Please refer to the BTA web site @ URL: to see more info.



Idea No. 9664