Department of Health and Human Services

Shipment Fee Will Fund Public/Private Jobs

The U.S. economy is awash in non-compliant and/or illegal products shipped to the U.S. The non-compliant or illegal goods damage our economy by directly competing in markets where U.S. manufactured products that are compliant with federal, local and state regulations are sold. The products that enter the U.S. fraudulently are often disguised, mislabeled as compliant, and dangerous. The federal government spends billions to find, detain and destroy just a tiny fraction of these products.


Pass legislation that levies a small federal fee or %tax on non-U.S. origin shipments with a destination in the U.S. This fee will be transferred by the carrier (shipper) to the U.S. government. The fee will assist in funding agency compliance and law enforcement staff, and a portion will be used to develop improved methods for finding, detaining and destroying non-compliant and/or illegal products.


Carriers may keep this fee for themselves on every shipment that they independently certify are indeed compliant and legal for sale in the U.S. This incentive will create private industry jobs (product testing) and augment the federal compliance workforce. It will also create an incentive for non-U.S. manufacturers to comply since carriers will likely give them preference and possibly cash-back incentives or discounts to ship through them.


This program is a win-win for the federal government, private industry jobs, for public health, and for fair trade since it helps to level the playing field for the sale of U.S. made products. We could encourage our trade partners to set up similar programs since U.S. manufactured products are very likely already compliant with certain national and/or international standards and regulations.

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