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Shared use/shared cost cell phones

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Currently many employees use a government owned cell phone in the performance of their jobs. As these devices are for work use only these same employees also have personal cell phone. Nobody really needs to, or want to, carry around two devices at all times. What I propose is to combine these devices under a share-cost billing structure. The government pays for a portion of the bill and the employee pays the rest.


The costs to the government would go down as the employee begins to cover part of the bill. Employees will be enticed to sign up for the same reason.


Any security restrictions (for example encryption or a firewall on web enabled smart phones) would remain active at all times to ensure the protection of all data and the device would remain government owned property.


An option could be available to allow the user to purchase approved devices (for those who like an upgrade from the government standard) which would then be activated on the shared-cost plan and encrypted with all agency security protocols and be enabled for remote wipe. Additionally added features (data plan, texting, unlimited minutes) can be added at employee expense.


Leaving all current security measures in place, as well as keeping only agency approved devices on the list makes the plan easy and cost effective to implement. There is no need to create a new IT structure for each individual phone manufacturer, operating system, or network. All that is needed is to set up the account and pay the bill.


The government saves money. The employee saves money. Everybody wins.

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