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Shared Training Sources and Evaluations

When training is required for a staff person, the employee and/or supervisor spends considerable time looking for possible courses/vendors/opportunities that are suitable for the need, position, and level of experience. Sometimes the help of HR can be enlisted, but they also need to spend additional time discerning what is being requested. To expedite the process, I would propose an Intranet location where proven or ineffective training courses can be shared among agency colleagues--a kind of "Angie's List" for training opportunities. Employees may choose whether to share their name as a former trainee to consult for more information about their experience with a class. Too often staff feels uneasy going into a class blindly, not knowing whether it truly will be worth the time and money. But if employees know that a colleague already experienced that class, it will help assure them whether that class is an appropriate choice. Money will be spent more wisely. Less time will be spent searching online for training opportunities when someone down the hall may have already done the legwork. Staff can provide HR with better information about what training they want to complete, allowing requests to be processed more quickly and IDPs to be more specific and concise. Employee and supervisor evaluations are already required at the conclusion of training. Sharing some of this evaluation information within the agency would make its collection more meaningful.



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