Department of Defense

Shared Source Selection Facilities

Organizations often need access to source selection facilities to conduct source selections in an area that is away from their original work spaces to protect competition information, proprietary information, etc. This can be costly for agencies because they have to do months of planning, outfit current space, move computers, set up servers separted from others, etc. Cities with multiple agencies/bases, should set up shared facilties that are in place to accomodate personnel from different organizations. There would be less wasted overhead because the facility would already be suited for the environment needed. Each organization could pay to rent space or pay a portion of the budget to keep the facility running each year and use the facility as needed.


When rooms are not being used, they could be rented meeting space.


Suggest they have large auditorium to allow for briefings/industry days/pre-proposal conferences. This would eliminate the spend money to rent space offsite.


For example, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama has many tenant organizations who could share the cost of maintaining a facility that would be used by all. Places like San Antonio, National Capital Region, South Virginia, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, and Tacoma that have several installations or government agencies that could share a facility.



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