Department of Transportation

Shared License Pools and Group Procurements

Cost savings could be realized throughout the government with this suggestion. Certain applications, such as MS Windows and the Office suite of programs are considered standard, and as such the government benefits from being able to purchase licenses for large quantities of software at once. I recognize that there are specialized pieces of software (graphic design, video editing, engineering analysis, economic/statistical analysis, etc) that may be purchased by divisions or projects on an as-needed basis. I suspect that engineers, or statisticians, or economists at other modes and even other agencies are likely using the same software product(s) that may also need to be purchased on an as-needed basis. There should be a way to more efficiently acquire and utilize specialized software, either through shared license pools or group procurements that span modes or even span agencies. This could result in a tremendous cost savings to the government. IDEA ORIGINALLY SUBMITTED BY MIKE CAROLAN, RITA, DOT



Idea No. 16600