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All governmental organizations either currently have or are in the process of activating a SharePoint online Virtual Work Environment (VWE). More impetus needs to be placed on activation and utilization of these environments in an effort to truly 'do more with less' as well as creating a capability to implement their mandated telework capabilities and paper work reduction mandates. This one system will allow every organization (small or large) to save money on every process they are responsible to perform. SharePoint allows users to place all of their processes online while providing a worldwide accessible capability in a multi-leveled security environment. It can operate on NIPR/SIPR environments, replace legacy software simply and virtually cost free, replace current data storage systems with a readily acceptable system that operates seamlessly with all your MS Office programs. Every organization should immediately develop a position for a SharePoint ‘ramrod’ (someone who can facilitate the development and utilization of this system) in an effort to expedite the integration of this system into our organizations. This position does not have to be a new position (reassign one if possible), but it is critical because every organization can not only meet any budget or manpower reductions by implementing this system, they can usually make even greater time, cost and manpower savings than they are currently working to resolve. Telework is a real capability with SharePoint because you work in the same environment regardless of your work location and all actions are traceable and therefore accountable (a great management tool). Paper work reduction goals are pulverized as the only paper an organization needs is the certificates they will be providing to their people for exceeding their goals, quotas, savings, etc.

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