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Several Million Dollars a Year Savings

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The Bureau of Prisons regional offices could be easily re-structured with re-assignment of regional office staff to component institutions throughout each region. The reorganized regional staff would be collateral duty positions to their institution positions. Duties could easily and affordably be performed through web-conferencing, user to user webcam calls, and so forth. The mission of the regional offices would be accomplished in a fiscally sound manner. In addition, by spreading those staff out in institutions throughout the region, using FCI Berlin NH for an example with the new regional contracting staff assigned there... those doing business with the region would support the local economy there by using its hotels, restaraunts, et al. Thus, my proposal for a re-structuring of regional offices would not only save office rental, utilities, and other substantial expenditures, but would help the local economies of areas in which BOP institutions exist.

Other examples of where positions would now be in the re-structuring would be: FCC Allenwood Complex Warden would also serve as Regional Director.... USP Lewisburg Captain would also serve as Regional Correctional Services Administrator... FCI Raybrook Information Technology Manager would also serve as Regional IT Manager... and so forth, - spread across the region's institutions.

By using technology to our advantage and re-structuring the regional offices as proposed here, nation-wide, we would be easily saving several millions of dollars per year while accomplishing the mission of the regional offices.

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