EXOP - Council on Environmental Quality and Office of Environmental

Set an example -Recycle

Our government stresses the importance of recycling yet the only thing that our VA hospital recycles are batteries, and paper. What about the numerous other items used on a daily basis; What about our bottles, cans, and plastics? I feel that to resolve this problem would be simple by just some planning and collaborative work with the township. Because I feel so strongly about this, I even submitted my research to my Nurse manager, and offered to help participate in this process but was told that the other campus VA is currently going through a trial study for this; however many months have transpired and nothing obvious has changed for improvement. The VA hospital and healthcare system should be ashamed that they are so behind an important environmental change; correction- an improvement.

I believe that if patients, guests, and employees have disposal recepticles at their convenience then they are most likely to use them. Please help me to promote recycling; Something so simply accomplished, and so important.



Idea No. 8342