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Department of Veterans Affairs

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As it stands now, the calling service centers are virtually useless and frustrate almost every single veteran that calls in.


My first suggestion is to create comprehensive digital copies of every claim file with a scan of every document of record. This is important because many RO's are still processing hardcopy claims based on "what's in the file." This would also help in general for claims processing.


Our RO's are simply overwhelmed with Dependency and Military Pay claims and we can't keep up with the demand or get to them in a timely manner, which is unfair to the veteran. Most of the time, these claims do not require much evidence to process them and often they will result in an overpayment of benefits and are time sensitive.


For example, if the veteran calls to report their divorce from their spouse, the call center employee would record the date of divorce, etc. and take immediate action to remove the spouse from the veteran's award from that date. They would then send an automated notification letter regarding the action. In cases where this information is reported by the veteran, due process is not required in order to remove the dependent, so this saves SO MUCH time and resources.


Or if a veteran reports that he has or will return to Active Duty, the call center employee will stop the veteran's award from the date he returned to active duty and send an automated notification letter.


These are just a few of the ways the call centers can become more effective and better serve the veteran.



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