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Secure the border by vigorously enforcing current immigration laws and addressing the reasons why people illegally come to the U.S. (jobs and benefits).


CBP is fighting a losing battle to “secure the border” as long as ICE is free to pursue enforcement activities other than immigration and customs enforcement (which happens to be their name).


There should be no reason for ICE to investigate terrorist activities.

Terrorist activities = FBI


There should be no reason for ICE to investigate controlled substance violations.

Controlled substance = DEA


There should be no reason for ICE to investigate firearms violations.

Firearms violations = ATF


To combat the primary reasons that people illegally come to the U.S., jobs and benefits, enact policy/regulation/law that prevents their ability to receive those items. Create a system that each person (US citizens too) that seeks employment or public benefits must prove legal presence in the U.S. This could be accomplished through biometric ID cards and internet access. The same policy/regulation/law should impose severe penalties for those who illegally proved the employment or public benefits.


The savings would result from;

• Illegal aliens “self-deporting” when unable to maintain employment/social benefits

• The government’s ability to eventually downsize immigration law enforcement agencies.

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