Department of Health and Human Services

Scan EIR (Report) Copies for Resident Posts

By scanning and posting copies of reports on line (i.e., H: drive) for Resident Posts (RP's), rather than copying and mailing; it would save the cost of paper, postage, toner, and equipment wear-and-tear. In addition, scanning rather than mailing reports would save many man hours (labor costs), as well as preparation time for mailing. On the receiving end, it would save labor costs by eliminating the amount of filing, etc. In addition, we often get requests for duplicate copies of the same report to be sent a year or so later (more time, paper, and postage expense). By posting on line, CSO's can look up the report when needed, which will also save time in retrieving files/reports from the factory jacket and/or file room. With the amount of reports we send every week to RP's, the savings in paper alone would be enormous. Scanning could be initiated with current reports. Attrition will take care of old reports.

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Idea No. 116