Department of Homeland Security

Savings on unclassified cell phone/laptop/desktop expenses

I propose that the Gov't either gets completely out of the unclas cell phone/laptop/desktop business; or they get completely into the business.


This may sound contradictory, but please read on.


Conservatively, 95% of government employees have a personal cell phone and a personal laptop and/or desktop computer. Similarly, this same population has a monthly bill for cell phone and internet service.


Many U.S. gov't employees also have a "work" cell phone and a "work" laptop; repetetive. Those same employees often also have a desktop computer at work.


Under both proposals, the government should abandon Unclas Desktops, and simply buy laptop docking stations and monitors.


If gov't gets out of the business:


Cell Phones: Similar to the Family Separation Allowance that many military members receive each month if their command deems them eligible, government employees, whose supervisors have deemed that after-hours/off-duty cell phone accessibility is necessary/desirable, will receive a $30 (or so), non-taxable, Communications Allowance in their pay check to help offset personal cell phone costs in return for accessibility. The gov't would buy/install the required software for accessing unclas gov't e-mail, but not the phone.


Laptops: If telecommuting (which is a separate cost-saver) is desired by the supervisor, the gov't buys/installs the required software & peripherals (e.g. Standard Image for the "work" log-on screen, ID Card reader, etc), but not the laptop. The Comms Allowance would be bumped to $40/$50 to offset internet costs.


If gov't gets completely into the business:


Gov't stands up a Technology Distribution Center (similar to existing Uniform Distribution Centers). Gov't negotiates blanket purchase agreements with various providers (including service) & implements a cost-share scheme, where employees pay a portion of the cost (75%?) to the gov't (automatic paycheck debit), in return for the cell phone & laptop being available for work use.



Idea No. 10957