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Savings on Training

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The cost of training each and every employee is extremely high and I believe that there is a better, more cost efficient way of doing things. Currently, the Government sends each employee to their required training, paying for their flight, hotel and per diem. For a two week course, this can easily be $5000 per person. If there are 20 people in this class, then the cost is $100,000 plus the cost of the instructors would be around $10,000. If instead, the Government sent one or two instructors to a location where there are many people who need training, then the instructors would need per diem, hotel and flight money. But the 20 people in the course would be close to home so they would only need money to cover for the cost of the class and class materials. This would be less than $1,000 for each person. So essentially, by sending the instructors to a central location you would be saving more than $80,000 per class easily. With the hundreds of courses that are offered by DAU, this would amount to millions of dollars in savings to the Government! Also, people would be able to get the training they need rather than being put on a waitlist for months on end.

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