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Saving tips at work place

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The following are the some tips that we can implement to SAVE some $s.

1. We can put occupancy sensors if feasible, so that lights will be ON only if somebody is in the area and if no sufficient light is there.

2. We can advice all of the employees that they use duplex printing type copying/ printing machine. Use both sides of paper. If print is wasted for any reason, use its other side for rough work. By doing this we can save a lot in our office stationary budget.

3. Make sure that at least we switched off the computer screens when leaving the desk for more than 15 minute.

4. When dealing with a third-party, channel partners, vendors or clients, make use of videoconferencing rather than sending employees on call and allow for traveling expenses.

All the above tips will definitely enable us to save huge amounts and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Remember a very famous quote at all time that…. IF YOU BUY ITEMS YOU DON’T NEED, SOON WE WILL HAVE TO SELL ITEMS WE NEED.

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