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Saving paper and time

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1)This is the last day so I am combining all my ideas.I am a Revenue Officer we print and input to our computers Accurint on every case even before we try to make a field call. If we contact the person and make arrangements to full pay the time and cost was wasted. Also there is no need to print this information when it is available online.


2)We spend money on case file folders and shipping to send our cases to the service center. Any pertinant documents should be scanned and the rest shredded.


3)We spend money mailing remittances and tax returns overnight to the service center. Businesses have the ability to scan in checks and have them clear immediately. We sometimes do not know for weeks if they have cleared. If this is not possible we could walk them into the federal reserve bank down the street to process or any other bank for that matter.

As for returns they can be scanned and shredded.


4)We spend alot of time and money processing trust fund recovery cases(941 trust fund tax is assessed against individual corporate officer social security numbers) We have to pay the bank for bank summons' for the periods in question. We have to ESTAB the original returns from the service center. We copy the enire case history on paper. The Advisory group then spends countless man hours in reviewing, assessing and then mailing the cases to the service center.(Pounds of case files) I have tried to get statistics on what is the percentage of tax that we collect on these assessments and no one seems to know. I have asked the Commissioner. I have studied online yearly collection reports. I have made phone calls and asked my front line manager as well as his manager.

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