Department of Homeland Security

Saving on Office supplies

This idea has probably seen your desk many times, but we need to push it a little bit harder.


Provide the Federal Government with the proper software and electronic means to be able to stop printing documents, make them were everything is fillable and were we can sign electronically and submit via email or database. This will reduce ink cost, highlighters, and paper. One internal software or database for every employee in the agency that can be used to fill out requested information and to submit HR documents to the member all electronically. This will eliminate HR mailing documents to the member and keeping hard copies files which always gets lost with personal information on it. Every federal employee should have a digital signature like Military members have to sign emails and documents or the government can purchase digital signature software and have everyone use it. The cost you spend on office supplies will go to pay for the software.

This day an age of society they are going electronically, we have seen it with IPAD and I phones, and smart phones, and kindles. We are not taking business away by going electronically, we are just tailoring to the new future ahead of us and able to save and use the electronic resources we have in today’s society.



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