Department of Labor

Saving on Electricity Costs

During the summer months, many federal government buildings turn approximately half of the lights out in the hallways to conserve energy and put less strain on local power grids. I propose that this practice be adopted year round. During the work day, it is not necessary to keep all of the lights on in our hallways. Alternating lights that are on and those that are off provides enough light to see clearly even though there is not an ideal level of light. Further, some hallways recieve natural sunlight rendering the lights in that area redundant. The only exception to this practice should be for days that it rains or there is snow on the ground. A high level of lighting is needed on these days to help prevent slips and injuries. If it is okay to adopt this current practice during summer months, I see no reason why it would not be effective during the rest of the year. This proposal would signifiantly reduce energy costs, save money on thousands of lightbulbs government-wide, and be environmentally friendly.



Idea No. 7443