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Saving money while going green

Current Procedure:

Currently this VA Medical Center uses one # 9 business reply inside a # 10 window or regular envelope.


The objective is to save money while going green.

Supporting Data:

By procuring re-usable envelopes we eliminate the #9 business reply

envelopes, which will serve as a cost savings investment.


A cost savings of approx. $4,425 per year plus an increase in storage capacity to our process stores just at this station along. CUT COSTS on printing, shipping, storage and handling of envelopes by as much as 40%. Works smoothly with inserting and remittance equipment.

By sending one envelope instead of two makes mailing simpler and

less expensive. By eliminating the reply envelope, we save on envelopes and related mailing costs. Reusable envelopes are also easier to use and better for the environment, because they are made from recycled paper and can be recycled again and again.



Idea No. 17020