Department of Energy

Saving Energy and Money through Virtual Reality Gaming.

In today’s society the world is being run through different upgrades of technology. There’s an old saying that goes “To reach all, teach all.” The question was asked, how can we help DOE save money and energy across HQ. In order to do this we must start off with the individuals who know little about saving money and energy and move to the ones who know the most. The plans that we have developed are already well thought out, but how do we actually take action and make sure that those plans are brought to the forefront and are being used? One way to do this is through building a life management skills computer website. With a website like this will start from home and work its way into our job and everyday lives. The project that I’m suggesting is to build an avatar type virtual reality realm gaming website.

If you look at websites today, such as Facebook or Twitter they each have more than one half-billion users. On sites like Facebook they have games, such as Farmville, that are played by young and old. Farmville requires you to harvest crops meaning you have to dig the holes, plant the seeds, water, watch them grow, pick them, and sell to the market etc; at certain times in order to earn money or tokens. This type of action requires you to keep up and maintain a lifestyle of being productive and making sure you’re getting things done “ON TIME” in a virtual world. The project that I’m suggesting is to do this same thing, but add consequences in a virtual realm so that in reality you’ll know what mistakes not to make and how to fix those mistakes. What I aim to build is a website set for energy efficiency and budgeting management that can be used to help with DOE’s model of “Leading by Example.” When we show others what we’re doing as a governmental system others outside may take hold and join in to help bring back the economy and save our planet from the waste that we create on a daily basis.



Idea No. 276