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Saving Electricity thru Behavior Modification

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Our building lease for office space includes utilities like heating, cooling, water, and electricity, but because those utilities costs for our consumption are charged back to the government, then we should send out periodic reminders to all staff (both federal and contractors) reminding them to reduce waste and promote economical and environmentally friendly use of utilities. For example, our overhead fluorescent lights are on motion sensor timers, but individual cubicles have lights which are directly controlled by a switch. I have noticed that many people forget to switch off their cube light when they leave for the day / weekend. I try to walk around and turn off as many lights as I can before a long weekend to reduce waste, and I have sent out periodic memos to that effect. Reminding people to police their own consumption in the office, just as they would in their own household if they were responsible for paying the utility bill. We should send out memos reminding people to reduce wasteful consumption of electricity.

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