EXOP - National Economic Council

Savie Award-Employee Suggestion Program (ESP)

Billions in Savings Available. The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is a cross organizational program developed to pay employees 25% of the first year savings for any suggestion that is adopted. This is the only program that rewards employees for their suggestions. The SAVE program gets thousands of suggestions however nothing is paid to the employees even though their ideas may be adopted. In fact employees may not even be aware their idea is adopted. I find it disturbing that every time the President, Vice President or IRS Commissioner wants to save money they create something new like the SAVE AWARD program to get the ideas instead of supporting 100% of their efforts in the Employee Suggestion Program. A properly organized and run ESP could easy save billions annually and if properly administered would never need separate programs to get suggestions on savings because the ESP would be the best method on the market.



Idea No. 3332