Executive Office of the President

Save trust fund while stimulating economy

Less than one half of one percent of people collecting disability ever get off it. The number one reason clients at Vocational Rehabilitation do not move on to work, is because there are no jobs. Corporations are not creating jobs because they can make more money investing excess funds than creating jobs. EVERYTHING a corporation spends money on is tax deductable.


What if we gave all types of businesses a DOUBLE tax break for accommodation expenses? This would make creating jobs more profitable for business. It would stimulate numerous construction jobs that required changing bathrooms, building ramps, putting in lower water fountains, elevatiors, and paying for interpreters and readers for the blind.

It would help the economy by putting more people back to work. It would help the trust fund by taking people RECEIVING benefits to people PAYING into the trust fund. In fact, if there was enough push behind it, it might even SAVE the trust fund without any other reduction such as raising retirement age.

This SHOULD be passible in congress because it gives yet ANOTHER tax break to businesses and reduces the amount spent on entitlements. It COULD be accompanied by mandatory participation with Vocational Rehabilitation in order to receive any kind of disability benefits. It would be a lot like work for welfare, so should have popular appeal. SOME people with disabilities would balk at the registration and participation in vocational rehabilitation, but this would be no different than the objections that existed for the work for welfare program.



Idea No. 8970