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Save the Paper: Annoy Electrons Instead

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We all tend to use a lot of paper, which costs money and clogs up the environment - and much of it is completely unnecessary. Most of us use databases every day, which can be used to house the documents we need without printing, yet many of us insist on printing anyway. The National Archives has put forth the requirements of record keeping (see "Agency Recordkeeping Requirements"), which tell us only that we must keep records for various periods of time - but not that the records we keep must be paper.


In this age of electronic storage and transmission of records and other information, it would save us all money and time if we would develop ways and form habits of electronically managing data. If saved with intuitive names, many man-hours can be saved in the search for records. Even with the least expensive paper ($35/case), T & A records processed and kept in entirely electronic formats would save our tiny branch over $200 every year. Not to mention the cost of storing and destruction of all these paper records.


These are tiny changes, and just think what a difference they would make in a large office or agency wide!

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