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Save paper (extra copies for VSOs)

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Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) receive copies of correspondence that is sent to the veteran by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). With the move toward transparency in government the VSOs have been granted access to VBA computer systems that contain copies of these correspondence letters. In a recent VSO briefing to the Seattle Regional Office the VSO representative informed us that they don't keep the copies of the letters we send them. They shred them. This is an enormous waist of paper for each regional office and VBA in general. When a veteran asks a VSO about a letter we sent them, the VSO can access the computer system and see the letter online. The only extra copies of the correspondence to the veteran that are still required are those to attorneys that are representing the veteran. When you calculate the number of letters produced each day by each Regional Office and then multiply that by monthly and annually the cost savings could be significant for the federal government.

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