Legislative Branch

Save paper and control congress at the same time. Read!

Require congress to limit the number of pages and text allowed for what should be simple legislation.

Example: Tax code is thousands of pages now with too many loop holes for special interests. Require simpler code in less than 100 pages. Imagine the savings in printing and loop holes or special deductions that simply won't fit! Imagine the savings with fewer using tax accountants and all THAT paper and money that's wasted!


Want cooperation in congress? Get rid of the primaries so we can all vote one time for everyone we're allowed to saving all that paper for campaigns, advertisement and mailings they send out multiple times. Imagine all the campaign fund raising that doesn't happen because they don't have to do that twice each election!


Here's a good correlary: prevent campaign contributions over $250 so special interests have the same limits the less fortunate have to support a politician. Imagine!

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