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Save over $500 million annually limit exec. air travel

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I have noticed over the years that there has been alot of military airlift missions from our Command. The travel is mostly going from Norfolk, VA to Washington, D.C. Which is roughly a 45 minute flight, as opposed to a 3 hour drive. That is great for time savings, but not financial savings.


I noticed some flight orders with the expenses listed for the air travel. Usually between $11K and $12K a flight, so round trip that would be $22K and $24K.


For example, one order I am looking at now says the flight cost is $11,884. Now if you were to take the Max Lodging allowed, which for DC is usually $211 dollars most of the year, and multiply by 8 personnel that would have flown according to the order I am looking at. That comes to $1688 for an extra night of lodging, $568 in perdiem and $240 for gas which is a total of $2496.


So subtract $2496 from the $11,884 and you get $9388 in savings per flight and that’s just one way. If you take into account both ways then that’s a whole total savings of $21,032 for one trip after you subtract the fuel for going back, another $240.


$11,884 x 2 Flights = $23,768 - $2736 = $21,032 in savings.


Now I know they say a lot of the executives time is valuable, and that is no excuse with today’s technology you can install SIPR and NIPR connections into cars just as easily as you could into planes. So that’s 3 hours of office work that the executives can get done while heading to their respective TDY's.


If you average that over 30 trips a year for 1 Four Star Flag officer thats a total savings of $630,960.


Thats $24,607,440 for all 39 Four Star Officers if they were to take the same average of 30 trips a year.


Thats $567,864,000 in savings for all Flag officers in the military, if they were to take the average 30 trips a year.


So if all flag officers were to drive to there TDY locations that are 200 miles or less. It could nearly save half a BILLION dollars annually!


This could be used across the governemnt to save even more.

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