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Save over $20 million in un-utilized field office space

In 2000, OIG compiled a study regarding costs for office space of examiner field offices. This study states 17 million is expensed annually (just for the FDIC, and other agency costs are similar). In addition, field examiners only used the office 20 - 30% of the time. Tele-work was just getting off the ground in 2000. Today, tele-work is a proven success. However, it is not utilized to its full potential.


This idea is to reduce the field office space to account primarily for administrative personnel, meeting rooms, and possibly training areas (another meeting room). Many bank examiners are on location 75 - 90% of the time. The remaining few days are utilized to follow-up and complete work for an examination. These remaining few days equate to 2 – 5 days per month. Allocating office space for personnel who report to the office only 2 days a month is a wasted expense. This time can be more effectively used through tele-work.


In many offices, there's not enough room for everyone anyway. Office meetings are held at local libraries or other facilities. If "everyone" has to report to the office on a particular day, there are not enough fold-out tables to go around.


Considering 3 examining agencies (FDIC, OCCA, and FRB), there are over 200 field offices designed to be used by administrative and examining staff. According to the 2000 OIG report 67% of the field office costs are attributed to Rental space. This same report indicated the space leased is only used on average 30% of the time.


Examiners are used to working at board room tables, break rooms, and an occasional closet (while at a bank). The field offices should be designed to provide meeting areas for training and office meetings; and also include office or cubicle space for administrative support.


By allowing examining professionals to tele-work on a more consistent basis, and reducing the office space to accommodate people who need offices; over $20 million dollars would be saved annually.

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