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Save on travel expenses by direct purchase to providers

Authorize direct purchase with airlines or through any other means that will save lots of money to the government. I just got back from a training trip for which the plane ticket was overcharged $200+ from the price available through internet for the same trip. When browsing through the internet noted that the price charged to the government was the same fare charged for the 1st class or business plane ticket but sitting on the coach section. The only advantage I found was to be called to enter the airplane under "priority access" category which really doesn't make much on saving money to the government. My point is, the plane ticket and any other lodging needs are paid with the government travel credit card, and each airline has their own emergency number that can be contacted to, why overpay a plane ticket when the government is going through an economic rough time. Still, the plane tickets bought through FED TRAVELER.COM are under restriction as well as the one bought for the lowest price when directly purchased to the airlines. The FED TRAVELER.COM program is excellent on keeping centralized all the other paperwork required for traveling such as travel authorities, travel voucher completion and others just because the government is going paperless and it is always handy to the traveler from any point he/she may be at.


Please consider this since I assure you is one of the biggest money waisting procedure the government is having these days.



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