Department of the Treasury

Save on postage and manhours

Every piece of paper received by the IRS is date stamped. After normal processing time (can be 30/45/60 days)is met, if the 'case' is not closed yet, a systemic "interim letter" is issued to the TP, saying "sorry, we have not processed your request yet". Then, when we work the case, if the interim letter was issued, we must issue another letter saying, "sorry, we sent you the previous letter in error". We're talking approx. $100.00/per ltr - handled by a minimum of 4 IRS employees. These cases can be a payment voucher, a copy of something, various things which should not require a response. 1 person can have anywhere from 10 - 60 interim letters going out on cases each day. STOP the systemic letters. STOP the REQUIRED letter response!



Idea No. 18594