Postal Service

Save on Stamps

Currently, federal organizations have a specific portion of their budget which pays for postage. With the exception of a few larger packages, most parcels are shipped via US Postal Service. There is no legitimate reason why tax dollars are split between the multitude of federal agencies, when a stipend could be paid directly to USPS. My idea is to cut administrative costs, improve operations, simplify federal processes, improve the speed of government operations by allowing all federal agencies the right to free postage through the United States Postal Service.


Understanding that the USPS is an independant federal agency and they run like a business with a few exceptions. Currently the USPS grants free postage to the armed forces and several other agencies. The USPS does receive federal funding to pay for the postage. In the suggested idea, the current funding would be expanded to cover the postage for all federal agencies.


Not only will this suggestion save time but also money. We will no longer have to purchase postage or postage stamp machines. For organizations who have a mail clerk, time will be saved. However, some organizations do not have mail clerks so a GS-13 may be stamping envelops. I believe that there is no job to small for my position, however, the GS-13s time could be utilized in a more effective mannger.



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