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Save money, save paper

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Cut back on paper use and waste to save money and help save earth's forests. By assigning a recycling program and program monitor to major government agencies, we can collect the used paper and spot trends in wasteful use of resources (i.e. paper). The monitor can see which specific departments are wasting the most paper and instill new policies to reduce such waste, such as requiring said departments to use their shop funds to purchase the paper. Also, by moving reports and listings to a more online friendly format, less people will print listings and reports, especially if this policy is supplemented by giving tablet pc's or laptops to elements that could benefit the most from this. This would allow for editing documents on the go instead of having to print out every last document. People usually print things out because they cannot check these things on the go otherwise. By allowing use of personal devices (androids, iphones, personal laptops) for non-sensitive listings and reports, paper waste can be reduced significantly.

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