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Save money& resources, "Magnetic Field Mechanical Accelerator"

I originally attempted to submit this on Wednesday 27 July but continue to receive an error message and do not see it listed in the Blog. -I am an American Airman, Electrician, author and inventor “want-to -be”. I have submitted my designs for review through the United States Air Force (AFMCLO/JAZ) Intellectual properties law office at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. It is AFD 1124 “SHAW” and I am currently waiting for the final determination of rights. I have designed a new method to produce mechanical energy utilizing magnetic fields with a gravity assist and have shared my prototypes and designs with my chain of command while I was stationed at Sheppard AFB, Texas as an Electrical systems instructor. I have also submitted the provisional patent application as I was advised to do. I am asking, if you determine so, that I wish to provide my prototypes and design and technology to the United States Air Force, and I wish to provide it to the United States of America. I know that it can be further researched and used to change the very lives of everyone In the United States of America and around the world. All that I ever requested was for the honor to be recognized as the inventor of my designs with a patent. The "Magnetic Field Mechanical Accelerator" produces mechanical energy utilizing the forward thrust and pull of magnetic fields and the Earth’s gravity to reset, consuming only the materials used for initial construction. I believe and know, that this can be used to produce electricity and I wish to share my designs with the “2011 Save” program to help our nation to save. I can provide documentation and demonstrations upon request at any moment’s notice. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Idea No. 17986