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Save money by properly utilizing trained personnel.

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Ensure specialty training is better used as part of the billeting process or at least put it to better use. The current system is broken at best. I have over half a million dollars in training that will likely be useless in the next two years. That doesn't count training from my last assignment. The Coast Guard has a bad habit of throwing money down the drain by sending people to tens of thousands of dollars, or more, in training for a specific type of job and then transferring them to a position that has nothing to do with that training. Our specialist are more like generalist because of the idea that a person that has done a little of everything within their specialty is "well rounded". That idea cost the Coast Guard and ultimately, the US Government, millions of dollars every year. The only return they see on that investment is a "specialist" that has to learn a new job every 3-4 years. That just means more training and more money spent.

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