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Save millions of dollars on printing? Try Century Gothic font!

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Not all fonts use the same amount of ink. Using certain fonts can result in up to 31% savings when printing many routine memos, outlines, and other "non-presentation quality" correspondence, compared to other, "standard" fonts.

Having IT personnel switch to ink-sparing fonts on a default basis could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in notoriously expensive printer ink and toner cartridges. [At inflated retail GSA contract cost's no less]

In an online test-Using the default Arial font as a baseline, testers changed to different fonts as it put printers through their paces. The winner: Century Gothic, which delivered a 31 percent savings in printing costs over Arial.

As a thin and light font, Century Gothic managed to beat out Econfont, which was specifically created to cut costs by spewing out less ink. If Century Gothic doesn't look like the right style for your documents, third place and always popular Times Roman could also help ease the printing budget, according to test results.


On a dollar basis, with the cost of printer ink being roughly $10,000 per gallon, large companies with multiple printers could potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Think about how many printers are used in the U.S. government!

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