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Save dollars by cutting fraudulent overtime

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My name is Hank Bram Slikker. I work for the US Treasury at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth, Texas. I have been employed since January 1999 as a bookbinder in the Mechanical Exam section of Currency Manufacturing.

I want to respond to your request for saving costs for the United States government.

My suggestion is this: our section in Currency Manufacturing can save thousands of dollars of supervisory overtime pay by utilizing its acting assistant supervisors at regular pay.

The section currently has five competent acting assistant supervisors, but our section supervisors and section manager refuses to use them. Instead, they hoard overtime pay for themselves at the expense of the US Treasury.

The situation in the section is this: there has been a vacant supervisor position on and off in the section office for roughly two years. Instead of utilizing its pool of acting assistant supervisors to cover that vacancy in the office at regular pay, our section supervisors are conducting what appears to be an overtime racket. That is, instead of filling the vacant position, either by hiring a supervisor or by utilizing the acting supervisors, they keep the position vacant in order to rack up overtime pay. In fact, the section manager of operations even gets in on weekend overtime pay by covering the vacant position himself. I believe executive management may even be aware of the monetary fraud and waste that goes on in our section.

Thank you for asking your employees for their input on waste. The government can save thousands upon thousands of dollars in this manufacturing section of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing by utilizing its human capital of acting assistant supervisors at regular pay.

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